Annie Brainard


This naturally-caffeinated dynamo started MOJO as a one woman show and now she’s taking us all along for the ride! We’re swept up in Annie’s unstoppable enthusiasm! Sharing the love, shaking her groove thang, bringing us all together- friends, family, pooches, grocers, mechanics, and neighbors! Reach her at:

Maddie Wardley

MOJO Maven

Maddie is a hula-hooping superhero who plans our brewing sessions and maintains our inventory. With her trusty label-maker, she organizes Mojoland while turning cartwheels! Reach her at:

Ross Bragg

Production Manager

Ross is a snazzy dog dad who manages our new production facility. Catch him training us on bottling line safety or delivering MOJO in our reefer truck, Bertha. Reach him at:

Laura Apgar

Chief Operating Officer

When she’s not formulating kickass spreadsheets, Laura may be building gymnastics apparatuses for her free range chickens. Her biggest goal, other than sharing the gospel of MOJO, is to provide us with blue, spearmint, and pink eggs (as well as the usual brown) to gussy up our MOJO breakfasts! Reach her at: