Grab Life By the Beans

MOJO is more than just coffee. Our secret family recipes are uniquely flavorful and seriously potent so that you can Grab Life By The Beans.



MOJO Cold Brewed Coffees are fresh, all-natural, healthier alternatives to most coffee + energy drinks.
MOJO has more of what you want (caffeine) and less of what you don't want (sugar). Find your MOJO + enjoy the ride!



Original Mojo

Cold brew coffee,
reduced-fat milk + a little sugar.
Tastes like melted coffee ice cream.
250 mgs caffeine/can


Black Magic Mojo

Straight-up cold brew coffee.
No sugar or dairy.
Smooth yet potent.
250 mgs caffeine/can


Unsweet Mojo

Cold brew coffee and
reduced-fat milk.
Creamy and flavorful.
250 mgs caffeine/can


Horchata Mojo

Cold brew coffee, reduced-fat milk,
cinnamon, vanilla,
and a touch of sugar.
250 mgs caffeine/can


Get to Know Mojo

It's all about sharing the love!

MOJO was born in New Orleans and raised in New England thanks to the "share the love" mission of our founder, Annie Brainard. A native of New Orleans, Annie's family was deeply rooted in Crescent City's culinary community. Annie's grandfather was a flamboyant French Quarter restaurateur known as Diamond Jim Moran. He was famous for his generosity, outrageous attire (mink ties and diamond zippers), and for hiding diamond rings in the meatballs he served at his legendary restaurant, La Louisiane. His son (Annie's father, Jimmy Moran) carried on the family business, running multiple restaurants in the Quarter. He was also a showman, entertaining his guests with table-side preparation of his renowned fresh pasta creations. Deemed the "King of Fettuccine," he hosted movie stars, presidents (of the US and foreign lands), and world-class athletes at his famous restaurants.

Like all good New Orleanians, especially those growing up in the restaurant business, Annie takes her food and her drink very seriously. Even her coffee. Like most foodies in New Orleans, she cold brews her coffee. Steeping coffee grounds in cold water overnight is the best way to make an exemplary cup of coffee. From Annie's vantage point, life is too short to drink a mediocre cup of coffee (or mediocre anything)!

When Annie, aka the MOJO mama, left her beloved hometown and settled in the northeast, she brought her love for her N'awlins roots and her cold brewed coffee recipe with her. Throughout the years, she shared her cold-brewed liquid love freely and frequently: with NYC friends and Wall Street coworkers, Katrina Relief humanitarians (who turned out for the massive donation drives that she and her neighbor organized in the wake of the hurricane), and troops of volunteers at various fundraisers that she helped run. Everyone loved it. Deemed "happy juice," they were convinced that it was spiked with alcohol (it wasn't). All raved about the flavor and the way it made them feel. Recognizing that the recipe for her hand-blended coffee elixir was unique (and creating a real buzz), she officially launched MOJO Cold Brewed Coffee in 2011.

Today, the MOJO craze continues to spread as taste-conscious consumers discover the bold flavor of MOJO Cold Brewed Coffee.

Taste the difference. Feel the love. And by all means, enjoy the ride!

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