Q: Why do the ingredients separate?

A: MOJO contains no stabilizers or preservatives, so separation is natural. Coffee solids will fall to the bottom while milk and oily coffee lipids rise to the top. Simply shake it up and enjoy the ride!

Q: Why did you switch to plastic?

A: We loved our classic milk bottles, but switching to plastic allows us to HPP. High Pressure Processing (HPP) applies extreme pressure to our high-grade plastic bottles to kill bacterial growth and extend MOJO shelf life. Unlike traditional hot pasteurization, HPP requires no heat, so we can preserve the fresh, flavorful taste that is essential to MOJO coffees. All our plastic bottles are free of Bisphenol A (BPA).

Q:  Is MOJO made in a gluten-free facility? Is it prepared on dedicated gluten-free equipment?

A: Yes! Our cold brewed coffee elixirs are brewed, blended, and bottled in our own dedicated production facility, using our own dedicated MOJO filler. Nothing else is produced in our facility.  Our ingredients and our facility are all gluten-free.